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Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor Portland

auto accident injury chiropractor portland

Chiropractic Care Following an Auto Accident

Injuries sustained in a car accident can take a few days for symptoms to appear. Soft
tissue injuries to the spine, neck, and other areas are effectively treated by
chiropractic care, which makes it a smart choice to treat injuries sustained in
an auto accident. Chiropractic care following an auto accident can make the
difference between timely and effective treatment and symptoms that linger or
worsen over time.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Most auto accident injuries manifest in strains and sprains to the spine, neck and other
soft tissue areas. As chiropractic methods are proven to be highly effective in
treating such injuries, many people turn to this care following an accident. In
fact, the spinal area and the muscles that support it can be made even stronger
than they were prior to the injury. Subluxations occur through physical
injuries, such as those sustained in car accidents, and chiropractic
adjustments can help. This type of injury can be asymptomatic and it is always
a good idea to be fully checked following an auto accident of any severity.

Diagnostic Methods to Determine the Severity of Common Auto
Accident Injuries

If you are suffering from whiplash, headaches, blurred vision or dizziness following an
accident, chiropractic care is an effective treatment. Whiplash symptoms do not
always appear immediately, and many people try to brush them off and hope that
they get better. The staff at City Chiropractic have many diagnostic tools
available to measure the severity of injuries commonly incurred in auto
accidents. Measuring the elements of the Subluxation Complex to
determine the severity of your symptoms, and to aid in the proper approach to
treatment, is the first step in addressing your injuries.

As with many medical conditions, early detection of subluxation is critical.
Unfortunately, the asymptomatic nature of many of these conditions prevents
patients from receiving treatment in the critical first days and weeks
post-accident. Our advanced technology allows us to address any and all needs
immediately, whether symptoms have manifested or not.

Fast and Proper Care Can Lead to a Shorter Recovery Time

Visiting your Portland chiropractor immediately following an auto accident can
significantly reduce the length of recovery time necessary to heal from your
injuries, and can even help you feel better than you did before the accident!
Due to the prevalence of soft tissue injury following auto accidents,
chiropractic care is one of the best options for fast and thorough recovery
without the use of dangerous painkillers. The staff at City Chiropractic can
also work with you to establish an exercise routine that you can do at home to
complement your treatment.

City Chiropractic is Here to Help You

If you have recently been involved in an auto accident, City Chiropractic is here to
help! Our office is conveniently located at 806 SW Broadway, Suite 350 in
Portland. Give us a call today at (503) 224-9513 to schedule a consultative
appointment and let us help you put the pain of your accident in the past!

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